Rumored Buzz on Phap Luan Cong Viet Nam

samanera/shramanera A male novice monk, who, after a year or right up until the ripe age of twenty, are going to be deemed for the upper Bhikkhu ordination

Wild capture fisheries Participate in The most crucial job in supporting livelihoods. Wild seize fisheries are largely open accessibility fisheries, which very poor rural people can obtain for foods and earnings.

koan A Tale, dilemma, problem or statement commonly inaccessible to rational comprehending, however could possibly be available to Intuition

bodhisattva One particular with the intention to become a Buddha in an effort to liberate all other sentient beings from struggling

gongan, lit. "community scenario", A meditative strategy made while in the Chán/Seon/Zen traditions, normally consisting of a dilemma that defies Alternative through rational considered; see koan

tangaryō A duration of watching for admission right into a Zen monastery at the gate, lasting between one day to many weeks—depending upon the top quality of one's sitting. Refers to the room traveling monks remain in when checking out, or await admittance in to the sōdō.

In a substantial river procedure such as Mekong, seasonal flows is often really variable from yr to year. Although the sample from the yearly hydrograph is pretty predictable, its magnitude will not be. The standard monthly flows along the mainstream are stated in Table 3, furnishing a sign of their selection and variability from year to yr.

This age corresponds to the beginning of your Latter Working day on the Law (末法時期 Cn: mòfǎ; Jp: mappō) when the (historical) Buddha's teachings would drop all ability of salvation and perish (白法隠没 Cn: báifǎméi; Jp: byakuhō onmotsu) as well as a new Buddha would appear to save lots of the persons.

The key part of explanation the stability originates from Laos, which factors to A significant distinction while in the reduced-move hydrology with the river. One particular fraction emanates from melting snow in China and Tibet and the rest from more than-season catchment storage from the lower basin. This has implications with the occurrence of drought disorders. For instance, if runoff from melting snow in any offered calendar year is rather reduced, then flows upstream of Vientiane-Nong Khai would be lower.[8]

abhidhamma A class of scriptures that attempts to make use of Buddhist teachings to produce a systematic, abstract description official site of all worldly phenomena

osho A term applied to address a monk from the Zen Buddhist tradition. At first reserved for prime-position monks, it's given that been appropriated for every day use when addressing any male member of the Zen clergy

The lower tide level of the river in Cambodia is lower compared to high tide level out at sea, and the stream of your Mekong inverts Together with the tides during this website its stretch in Vietnam and approximately Phnom Penh.

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This informative article is made up of Tibetan script. Without having correct rendering guidance, you may see very tiny fonts, misplaced vowels or missing conjuncts in place of Tibetan people.

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